You know you want to journal but you don’t know where to start

you know you want to journal

You know you want to journal but don’t know where to start.

These are comments I hear a lot from clients about journaling:

I want to journal but don’t know where to start.

I’d like to see more of the inside of a journal so I can decide which one I’d like to try.

So, here’s a look inside our Gratitude book and journal for anyone who’s interested in gaining the benefits of journaling but doesn’t quite know where to start.

Some of the journals we’ve created are books, diaries or workbooks along with journaling pages – all in one product. I’ll explain why we created this type of journal and show you some of the pages and templates inside Gratitude – Your Master Key to Mindset, 3 in 1, book-diary-journal.

When I started to read self-development books and leadership books, I wished for space to write my own thoughts, feelings and inspirations within the books to capture my insights in the moment.

Having experienced the many benefits of journaling such increased calm, better focus, more sleep, higher productivity, to name a few, I decided to create a book-diary- journal in one.

Do you want to go from:

Overwhelmed to Relaxed

Worry and Procrastination to a state of Calm and ‘Can-do’

Anxious and Stressed to Positive and Purposeful

Have you heard that journaling can help you do this but something’s stopping you, you’re not quite sure where to start?

Gratitude journaling is where I began and where I recommend my clients to begin because it’s a valuable key to mindset change and a springboard for taking action towards your goals. In a few minutes each day, you can build a habit that gives you back way more than you put in.

Gratitude – Your master key to mindset change is a book-habit diary-journal ALL IN ONE. This is more than simply a gratitude journal created to enable you to nail the gratitude habit so you benefit.

What does this mean exactly?

  • 150 pages,
  • A5 size so it’s easy to carry around, fits in bag.
  • Paperback for lighter weight.

Part 1 – The Book

  • Stories about how writing down what you’re grateful for has helped me and my clients.
  • Studies and research.
  • How to build the habit, to get the most out of your gratitude lists so you feel better
  • Coaching tools and templates to build habits and reach your goals.
  • A relaxing chakra meditation for when you fancy a few moments to relax and rejeuvenate.

Part 2 – The 66-page Gratitude Diary – a structured guide to enable you to develop the habit of gratitude and the associated benefits.

On each page you’ll find:

  • space to list 5 things you’re grateful for
  • a quote, a suggested action or a reflection

Part 3 – Your Journal

    • Lined pages for you to write down your thoughts, feelings, goals, actions – whatever works for you.

Why 3 in 1

Evidence shows that stories help us learn more easily. Leo Widrich, citing Princeton neuroscientist Uri Hasson, writes that “a story is the only way to activate parts in the brain so that a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience.

When you’ve read the stories and taken into account the evidence for gratitude journaling as a life-enhancing tool, using the habit-diary gives you the ‘how’ and also helps keep you on track to realise the many the benefits such as positivity, clarity and goal attainment.

The habit diary builds your gratitude habit in less than 5 minutes a day for 66 days. You may enjoy it so much, you’ll choose to spend extra time. Just a few minutes a day, however, gives you a lifelong, invaluable tool to use to rejuvenate whenever you need it.

Finally, journaling pages are included so you have space to write down your thoughts, feelings and dreams, in the moment, as you progress through the book and diary, thereby realising the many benefits of journaling such as calm, clarity, focus and less stress.

Benefits of this gratitude journal include:

  • Delivering you a positive mindset, that you can use to springboard to action, record greater ideas, realise your dreams.
  • It’s guided, has a structure designed to help make your journaling easier and more effective.
  • Empowers you to build an easy habit that gives you back way more than the effort you put in.
  • You feel better fast, it’s a time-effective tool to use when you need it.
  • After reading this journal and building your gratitude habit, you’ll have your own internal resource to reduce overwhelm, cope with challenges, build resilience and live life from a place of calm and peace.

This journal is suitable for beginner journalers because it’s guided and has structure to make journaling easier and deliver key benefits. If you are new to journaling, would like to explore the benefits, this journal will guide your path.

If you’re an experienced journaler looking for a different method of journaling, perhaps you have given up the habit  for a while, are stuck in a rut, feeling down (as many people are as we progress through the pandemic), this journal will be your partner as you recreate your journaling habit.

You’ll find some images of what’s inside Gratitude – Your Master Key to Mindset Change