The Perfect Gift for a New Mum

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a new mum? What about a beautiful, hand-painted self-care journal that offers just the ‘cuppa-comfort’ that she needs.

Postpartum care used to be the Cinderella of maternity healthcare. Irish start-up, anewmum hopes to change that with a product range dedicated to improve the postpartum experiences of over 60,000 new mums in Ireland every year.

Just like new babies, new mums need care and support. “You can’t pour tea from an empty kettle,” says anewmum CEO, Marian Kennedy. “You need to take care of yourself too.”

Self-care tends to fall by the wayside once a baby is born and new mums often neglect their own physical and mental wellness when it counts most.

According to anewmum’s experts, physical and mental wellness are determined by five basic postpartum needs:

– nutrition
– sleep
– emotional care & comfort
– physical care & comfort
– time & energy

The anewmum’s experts also suggest three kinds of support for overall wellness:

– self-care
– community support and
– professional support

anewmum’s POP THE KETTLE ON! is a 120 page luxury, guided self-care journal for new mums. The journal was written and lovingly hand-painted by mums, offering a ‘cuppa comfort’ for mums when they most need it. The Perfect Gift for a New Mum

It contains a postpartum wellness plan template, inspirational thoughts, tried and tested self-care tips and gentle journaling guides to help a new mum to clear her mind and express and understand her feelings.

The journal was developed with the support of Parentline (Ireland) & PANDAS Foundation (UK) and hand-painted by Alda Smith. For every journal sold, anewmum will donate 50c to each of the collaborating charities.