The Benefits of Effective Journaling

Happy girl writing in a journal about the benefits of effective journaling

The simple act of writing down your thoughts, experiences and reflections can have a positive impact on your wellness. The benefits of effective journaling are positive and can be life changing. 

Effective journaling has been found to:

    • Enhance your sense of wellbeing and mood
    • Helps you to prioritise problems and track feelings
    • Develop self-awareness and provide an opportunity to identify negative life patterns
    • Improve your memory
    • Reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress
    • Reduce intrusive thoughts
    • Help you identify your patterns and influences behind your thinking, emotions and behaviours
    • Propel you towards goals and a vision for your life
    • Help you to grow by offering a record of lessons and important ideas discovered
    • Boost your sense of gratitude

To ensure you get the benefits of effective journaling

    • Write at least once a day therefore ensuring maximum effectiveness
    • Find a quiet, comfortable place to write in, free from distractions
    • Write about what feels right and keep your journal private
    • Make sure you are in the right frame of mind to be reflective
    • You need to be honest with and about yourself

Source: From “POP THE KETTLE ON” by anewmum