Journaling Workshops create clarity, positivity and focus for you and your team

journaling workshop

Well-being is key to thriving at work and in life and the pandemic has highlighted how important it is for businesses to care for employees on every level.

Journaling packs a powerful punch in terms of providing  well-being benefits such as clarity, positivity, focus and decreased stress. Whilst journaling is an individual pursuit, it’s also an excellent team building activity .

Our journaling workshops are designed to help you access these journaling benefits – and more.

 What do you want for yourself and your team? 

    • Clarity in communication?
    • Well-defined thinking?
    • More creativity?
    • Better ideas?
    • Improved employee engagement?
    • Higher productivity?

Investing in well-being has been proven to improve productivity and goal achievement. A happier and more positive employee is more focused and open to innovation and change.

Journaling can be integrated into existing well-being strategies and offers a high return on investmentWriting down your goals means you’re 40% more likely to achieve them.

Journaling works in tandem with other initiatives.  The ultimate aim is to support employees, improve well-being and increase productivity for your business.

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About Waywords Journals Journaling Workshops

Firstly, in answer to an oft-posed question:

What is journaling and why is journaling a good idea?

 Journaling is writing down your thoughts, experiences, ideas and reflections. Studies show that journaling provides the following benefits:

  • Journaling acts as a springboard for action.
  • Journaling helps uncover purpose – key to improving mental strength and wellness.
  • Writing about your challenges delivers clarity – on lists, plans, goals and values.
  • Putting pen to paper, listing your problems, fears, and concerns, helps you prioritise what’s important.
  • Journaling about how you feel, enables you to recognise triggers and learn better ways to handle them.
  • Writing down what you’re grateful for brings a positive mindset instantly.

 Our interactive Journaling workshops are tailored to the requirements of your team and provide the following benefits:

  • Maximise team performance and goal achievement by recognising and supporting individual strengths.
  • Push past norms and boundaries to improve employee engagement and collaboration, leading to improved productivity.
  • Set goals with increased clarity, positivity and focus.
  • Interactive workshops to communicate the many types and benefits of journaling such as knowing and using your strengths, understanding yourself and others, finding ways to get more done with less stress.
  • Focused and Fun sessions where attendees experience different journaling methods tailored to suit every individual style. The workshops are ideal to start the week with focus, add excitement to mid-week or to end Friday on a positive note.

Investment Cost includes

  •  1 – 3 hour journaling workshop facilitated by Maria Burke an experienced Executive Coach, Pharmacist, business owner and best-selling author. As well as journaling methods, tools and tips, attendees will gain insight into practical CBT and mindfulness tools that provide a high return on your investment.
  • Choice of journal for everyone, so you get to where you want to be.
  • Discount code for future journal purchases from

Short quotes from some of our customers

This is an incredible presentation. So valuable and relatable. Thank you NI Tipp for organising.

-Journaling Presentation

I started using this gratitude journal back in January and it really has helped me shift my mindset to a more positive place. I take a few minutes as part of my evening wind-down ritual to do the exercises and have found I feel calmer and more positive. I highly recommend!

-Gratitude Journal 

This journal is just what you need to spur you into action and make all those great intentions about re-organising yourself and your business a reality. Maria offers real, practical and actionable advice on how to make sustainable changes that can transform your sense of self and put you on the path to success in life and in business. 

-The Formula Workbook & Journal 

Following a journaling presentation by Maria I’ve started journaling. Finding it’s so very good and way more powerful than I anticipated. Perfect timing as my head is spinning with family and work roller-coasters right now.

Journaling Presentation


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