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The Waywords Journals range is created to support, inspire and empower our customers to use the journaling to help find a path to their chosen outcome.

We design guided journals to help make journaling easier and more effective.

Our journals have been featured in various media publications. We will continue to update this page with more featured media articles.

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If you need help getting started with journaling, download our journaling kickstarters here: https://waywordsjournals.com/kickstarters/ These contain templates with questions and prompts to make your journaling easier and more effective.

To watch Waywords Journals animations and find out more about the benefits of journaling go to: https://waywordsjournals.com/what-is-journaling-animation/

Enjoy our first Podcast where Alda Smith speaks with Aoife Ryan, Relationship Mentor, Parent Mentor, Education, Trauma Informed Psychoeducation, Trainer, Parent Advocate. Also Rob Stears, Artist and Illustrator.

As well as learning about the many benefits of journaling, enjoy light-hearted conversation packed with anecdotes and wellbeing tips. As a result of listening, you’ll find how to build resilience with journaling. Visit our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-5smTynD88&t=23s

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