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Real, practical and actionable advice…that can transform your sense of self, and put you on the path to success…

A highly recommended addition to the practice of coaching. Of benefit to anyone seeking to enhance their personal and professional performance.

This journal is beautifully laid out, full of little nuggets & pleasing to the eye. Every so often I pick it up just to have a little flick through it. I think I have finally been motivated, through this lovely book, into learning to improve my appreciation of life. Definitely a great buy!

What an amazing journal for new mums. Little tips, ideas and support to help every new mother weave and manoeuvre through this wonderful and sometimes challenging new adventure they find themselves on.

Bought this as a gift for someone else, but decided to keep it myself. Top quality and gives me
somewhere to put my thoughts and ideas – good time out!

This is such a unique journal! What a lovely way of enabling mums to capture the special moments of new life and to express the emotions that accompany this amazing, yet sometimes overwhelming journey. The hand-painted pictures make it extra special – as if someone took extra care to pay attention to you! This is an amazing gift idea guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

I had never considered journaling as a form of mindfulness before now. I never really knew too much about Guided Journals. However after reading Gratitude Your Master Key to MINDSET Change by Maria Burke, I am totally sold.

The guided element of the journal in the first parts is excellent. It teaches you the benefits of feeling gratitude, being thankful every day for the small things that really make a difference in my life. I love the “If you say Yes to something what are you saying No to” for example if you say “Yes” to watching an hour of TV you are saying ‘No’ to going for that walk that will freshen up your day.

Maria really explains how Gratitude really can change your mindset to refocus and clarify aspects of your life.

I can’t wait to read Maria’s Irish Times Best Seller; The Formula. I would highly recommend Waywords Journals.

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