Achieve your dreams, reclaim joy – with wisdom from Finding Katherine


We’re firm believers in team spirit, collaboration and sharing wisdom so everyone learns and benefits. James Sweetman’s Finding Katherine is a book that brought us joy at Waywords Journals.

Achieve your dreams, reclaim joy, with wisdom from Finding Katherine

Storytelling is a powerful means of communication. This uplifting story by James Sweetman gets you on the road to turning your dreams into reality.

Is there a dream or goal you have put off for a while due to circumstances? How do you find the courage to follow your dreams, achieve your goals and live a life that’s true to how you want to live?

Do you also like a good story?

Finding Katherine is a brilliant two-in-one, a great read that has inspired me, and many others to make the most of every opportunity that life brings.

Katheri Hunter a 51-year old mom, with a troubled marriage and financial woes, finds herself at The Bliss Retreat on the island of Lanzarote. There, along with a myriad of colourful characters she begins her quest to find happiness and fulfilment.

A treat for the senses and the soul

Filled with beautiful poetry, colourful descriptions and a variety of fascinating characters, this book is a treat for the senses, starting with the brightly coloured cover. As you follow Katherine’s adventures, you’ll escape with vivid descriptions of sun, sea, sand and – food.

This book is one that I was tempted to read in one sitting, because the story flows so well. I recommend taking time to read it in more than one session, having a notebook and pen to hand and writing down your thoughts, emotions and insights as you read. The clever weaving of coaching tools into the story is impactful. Katherine and other characters examine their beliefs and values throughout. Consequently, they reap the benefits. This effectively generates for the reader, clarity of thought and crucially, reminds you that with imagination and belief, achieving your dreams is indeed possible.

I recommend this book for anyone who would like a ‘lift’ and a ‘nudge’ to follow your dreams and live the life you want.