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Why I use gratitude journaling as a wellness tool-Orla Kelly, Publisher

It's normal in life to have up's and down's. Therefore, it makes sense to find the best ways to cope with life's challenges. Journaling is one method I use, particularly, gratitude journaling. 8 reasons to start a gratitude journal Do you…
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How journaling can improve your mental health

Studies have shown that journaling helps reduce worry and anxiety, leading to better sleep, clarity and focus. Creating a journaling habit, writing about your challenges, is an effective tool many use to improve mental health. We all have…
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How can journaling help improve trauma?

Can journaling help improve trauma? Writing about challenges and traumatic experiences appears to improve health, mood and enhance recovery from both mental and physical trauma. There is a theory that holding back strong emotions, thoughts…
how to start a gratitude journal

How to start a Gratitude Journal – and why it’s a good idea

How do you start a gratitude journal? Why is it a good idea? Journaling may seem easy, after all, it’s just writing things down. Yet, you may wonder what to write? Is there an optimum time of day? How often do you need to journal to get the…
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How journaling can help new mums feel better

March 1st 2021 How journaling can help new mums feel better