Christmas Reflection Not Perfection

This Christmas, Less Perfection, More Reflection

Less Perfection, More Reflection This year Christmas will be different. Smaller gatherings. Social restrictions. Empty seats. Loved ones healthy, but far away. People vulnerable and in isolation. The sick in quarantine or worse - hospital. And…
How journaling helped me be consistent

Journaling Helps Improve Consistency and Productivity. Find out How

One thing’s for sure - in these Covid-19 times it’s certainly not business as usual and we must think and work differently to succeed. But which of our previous tools and habits would work well right now and which behaviours and processes must we change for the better?

The Perfect Gift for a New Mum

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a new mum? What about a beautiful, hand-painted self-care journal that offers just the ‘cuppa-comfort’ that she needs. Postpartum care used to be the Cinderella of maternity healthcare. Irish start-up,…